After Germany and the installation of hybrid television in television stations there, is also coming to Greece in cooperation with the public broadcaster ERT.

ERT chooses as a contractor to provide hybrid services to its channels. with extensive experience in the development of HbbTv , standard services, brings hybrid television to Greece and ERT offers it, freely and free of charge for everyone.

In collaboration with leading BRAND NAMES, such as LG ,SAMSUNG or SONY, essentially unlocked , the service in Greece and gave all of us the opportunity to enjoy this new service freely and free of charge.

Since December 2017, ERT viewers have been able to access hybrid television services, simply by pressing a button.

The RED BUTTON is not just another button on the remote control, but a new world of services and information.

News - Sports - Weather - Stock Market - Movies - 24 plus - Live Voting - and many more features that the Hybrid TV world provides. , in collaboration with ERT , is constantly developing new features and integrating them into HbbTV.

CREATED BY at 9 December, 2019